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Sketchbook Drawing: Clouds Over Equinox

Sketchbook Drawing : Clouds Over Equinox
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Additional Notes

In determining a "sketch" versus "drawing" we held the criteria that - for the MOST part - the sketch needed to "feel" complete. RSW needed to, at the very least, color/shade the sketch but most importantly... did he draw a sky? This "drawing" met all the criteria we established, though pretty basic, it is for the most part complete. This is reinforced by an Unfinished chalk drawing of nearly the same perspective, Unfinished: Clouds Over Equinox, (seen to the right).

We do find it amusing that we consider the sketch to be complete and the chalk is not. It is unknown to us why the chalk is not completed. We found it with 11 other unfinished paintings in a crate stored in the carriage house attic. Visit the Unfinished Paintings