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Time Period:
Prior to 1928

Charlemont Road
Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas


Keach, Barns

27 x 30

Mrs. W. Scott Fitz (second
wife of Supreme Court Justice
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.)



The Keach Farm was a favorite subject of RSW, having created over 17 pieces of artwork.

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RSW's Diary Comments

New England in November
New England in November., 1933
The above image has graphics to show the barns,
clicking on the image with show pic, sans the graphics.

"Painted prior to 1929. A painting of the 3 barns at the Keach farm in Buckland (where I painted so much for so many years). Done from the driveway as one approached the house. From one of my early Boston exhibitions bought by Mrs. W. Scott Fitz (daughter-in-law of Oliver Wendell Holmes) of 75 Beacon St., Boston (now deceased). A very decorative canvas. I don't know where it is now (1947)."

Editor's Note:

This painting went unidentified in our unnamed gallery for many years. The only image we have of it is the black and white picture you see above. But the discovery of a photograph taken from the gallery of the 1929 Myles Standish Exhibition helped us identify it [see the Additional Notes section below]

This picture to the right of New England in November. best illustrates these "barns". From right to left, you have the main house, the first barn, second, and finally the third, although it is apparent in both the painting above and to the right there are more than three barns on the property.

Additional Notes

A photograph from the showroom of the 1929 Myles Standish Gallery Exhibition. It would be Woodward's first
of many - the most prominent shows being, this one, the 1931, and 1944. Woodward would have a very close
relationship with the hotel, often leaving paintings hang in the hotel's dinning room or lobby for years at a time.
J.H. Miller Article April, 1928
May, 1929, Boston Globe review
by A.J. Philpott re: The Three Barns.
To see the entire article CLICK ON
the image of the clipping...

Boston Globe, May, 1929, by A. J. Philpott.

"....What a story of rural New England that picture The Three Barns tells. They are located beside a hill road, ramshackle but grayed and beautiful in color by time and nestling in the lush greens of mid-summer foliage. ...."

The Twin Barns
The Twin Barns, 1929, Pynchon Gallery
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