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Time Period:
Painted about 1935


Oil on Canvas



36 X 42


Mrs. Herbert Newton



"A smaller painting of this same subject, a 27 x 30 upright is titled In Vermont which see." RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted about 1935. A 36 x 42 made from the smaller 27 x 30 canvas In Vermont of the same subject, a view of the long rambling Norton farm set against a background of Vt. hills (including Mt. Mansfield) and topped with a very beautiful summer cloud design (an “anvil” cloud). The original was painted prior to 1930 at Riverton, Vt., near Montpelier, where I used to go to visit Mrs. Geo. E. Dresser. I made several paintings and chalk drawings of these Norton buildings, and several later paintings from original sketches. This 36 x 42 was bought in about 1938 by Mrs. Herbert Newton of Oak Street, Holyoke, Mass. (Mr. Newton later in 1947 bought From Our Forefathers and When Apples are Ripe.) A smaller painting of this same subject, a 27 x 30 upright is titled In Vermont which see.”

Additional Notes

The name from the back of the stretcher.
An image of Mrs. Newton on the back of the stretcher.

The most distinct difference between this painting and that of In Vermont is the trumpeting angel weathervane (see images below).

Mr. Newton also purchased When Apples are Ripe (25 x 30) and From Our Forefathers.

The image above was aquired in October of 2013. We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to the current owner for providing us this access for the website.

Trumpeting angel weather vane in Up in Vermont.
A close up cropped from In Vermont.