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Boston Paintings


Buckland Artist will Paint Harbor Scenes from North Adams transcript, July 31, 1930.
News clipping describing
RSW's visit to Boston
Buckland Artist Will
     Paint Harbor Scenes

     Robert Woodward, accompanied by Miss Cowles and his chauffeur left yesterday to spend several weeks in Watertown, where he will occupy the home of his niece, Mrs. Robert Haeberle. Mr. Woodward plans to do some painting of the harbor, docks, and other pictures while in that vicinity.
     Mrs. Haeberle and family will occupy Mr. Woodward's home while he is away.

North Adams Transcript, July 31, 1930.


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Old Boston 40x50 oil painting
Old Boston 40x50 oil painting of Boston street scene.
The original oil painting made on the street in 1931.
In Old Boston chalk Drawing
In Old Boston a chalk drawing copy of the original "Old Boston" (left).

In Old Boston 36 x 42 oil painting
In Old Boston a 36 x 42 oil painting. Note dog on sidewalk,
car in foreground and baker leaning out second floor
The Oyster House.
The Oyster House a 27 x 30 oil painting. Note that there is no baker
in the window. A copy of a chalk drawing made on the scene.
Original chalk of this scene (below #5) was made on the street
and the two oils above it were copies of this original chalk.
Location of original is unknown.

Oyster House
Oyster House a chalk drawing made on the scene. The two above
oils were made from this (the 36 x 42 and the 27 x 30).
Boston Romance
Boston Romance a 27 x 30" oil painting similar to In Old Boston

In Old Boston
In Old Boston 27 x 30, oil: a painting of this size and name was
exhibited at Valleyhead Sanatorium in Concord, Mass. in 1933.