We are very interested in obtaining better information about any Woodward art work.  If you know the location of a Woodward painting or chalk drawing, please contact us.  We are especially interested in obtaining better images of paintings and chalks.  In many cases, we have no pictures, or only a poor black and white image.   We can accept any common digital graphic format (jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, tif, etc.)   If the artwork is in the New England area, we would be willing to take the picture for you. 

Please tell us about the painting's history and current status.  This includes:

  • Painting Name
  • Location where painted originally
  • City and state where painting hangs today (only be as specific as you feel comfortable)
  • Date, Location and Price at purchase (if available)
  • Personal stories about the painting
  • Attach photo of painting

All information is optional, but any information is greatly appreciated.  All information can be E-Mailed to:

PLEASE USE THE SUBJECT:   "Regarding  Robert Strong Woodward."


We will respond to E-Mails.

Please e-mail information to us.

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