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Time Period:
Painted in about 1932.

Hoosac Tunnel Road
Florida, MA

Oil on Canvas


Landscapes & Views

30 X 36

"Generally" RSW

Clifford A. Richmond



Nothing of note for this piece of work.

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RSW's Diary Comments

The Mountain Shoulder, Sepia
The Mountain Shoulder, Sepia

“Painted in about 1932. Made from old Hoosac Tunnel Road looking down toward river at Hoosac Tunnel. Generally exhibited and bought by Clifford A. Richmond, 37 Park St., Easthampton, Mass. for his library.”

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Additional Notes

East entrance to the Hoosac Tunnel today
East entrance to the Hoosac Tunnel today

Art Chat, Anna W. Olmsted

".....(The) Mountain Shoulder, reminding one of Du Bose Heyward's poem 'Here Where the Mountains Shoulder to the Skies' ....."

Sold on Feb. 19, 1996, for $1,000 at auction in Northampton, Mass. Unknown buyer.

Recently, the website has taken an interest in pinpointing the locations from which Woodward may have painted a particular painting.

Topographical Map of the tunnel area
Topographical Map of the tunnel area

For this piece we have enough information to put him in an area, however from a topographical map (to the right), there appears to be two different shoulders and roads that circle around the area giving multiple vantage points.

One problem is that we do not see the Deerfield River in the painting. The topography of shoulder #1 is long and sloping and shoulder #2 is short and takes a steep drop. Our best guess is that this painting is of shoulder #2 because of its steep drop. So that puts Woodward North of the tunnel somewhere near what is today Monroe Road looking south.