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Springfield Union, JH Miller Exhibit, April 1928

Article Summary

Jeannette Matthews herein gives a summary of three dozen paintings and chalk drawing hung in this one-man show of Robert Strong Woodward's paintings and chalk drawings. Near The Sky was her favorite of the show. We have still not recovered an image of this painting to add to our website gallery. Woodward's stark, cold and bare depiction of the sky left her "tingling". She enjoyed several other "winter pictures," but mostly enjoyed and described the warm pictures of the Keach Country Sitting Room and Country Interior. A grossly incongruous description of The South Window, however raises questions from the current reviewer. The only Woodward painting with this title was painted much later in the Southwick Studio in 1940. Her review was in 1928. Careful study of the Woodward exhibitions reveal only one other mention of an exhibited painting with this name being recorded until 1940. Perhaps there was a south window in the Hiram Woodward studio but we have no record of such being painted. And, her interesting comparison of The Patient Angel and The Trumpeting Angel must await our hopeful future discovery of an image of The Patient Angel. To this date we have not found one.


Jeannette Matthews was a highly respected art critic working during the 1920s and 1930s. She reviewed and critiqued many of the RSW exhibitions and was always very appreciative in her comments and critiques.

A pen and ink comment handwritten in the sideline of this article by RSW: "A Very Good Article."

Artwork Mentioned

J.H. Miller Galleries Co. West Springfield, MA

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Buckland Town Farm
An image of a painting J.H. Miller uses from their website. It is the only picture we could find.

J.H. Miller Picture Framing Company was established in 1890 in Springfield Massachusetts and is known as Western Massachusetts oldest frame shop and gallery. For more information please CLICK HERE

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