Featured Artwork: Up the River Road

RSW's Diary Comments

 Up the River Road, Sepia
Up the River Road, Sepia

"Painted about 1931. A painting of steep mountain domes with road and farmstead at the base, made of the steep Deerfield River Valley, about Hoosac Tunnel, about a mile above H.T. on the road up to Readsboro. Exhibited largely and finally bought (along with The Golden Month) by Mr. and Mrs. George Bradford Clements. (Mr. C. now deceased, 1947) of Norton, Massachusetts."

Comments in a notebook by RSW:

"Sold October 15, 1933 to Mr. and Mrs. George B. Clements, Norton, Mass. for $400.00."

Additional Notes

North Adams Transcript, June, 1932

To the Right: An article clipping from the North Adams Transcript regarding RSW's exhibition at the Deerfield Academy (1932). It is one of 12 oil paintings mentioned in the article and one of 20 oil paintings and 10 chalk drawings exhibited.

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Boston Globe, March 10, 1931 by A. J. Philpott

"And what could be more characteristic of the early New England Summer in the hill country than Up the River Road. The winding road, the few houses, the iridescent mountain in fresh greens and blues and the luminous sky -- it is the very soul of New England. You sense the purity of the air, as of the light, in it. It is well done."

North Adams Transcript, June 8, 1832

"Up the River Road reminiscent of the road from Shelburne Falls to Colrain."

The Breeze, June 5, 1931

Up the River Road is typical of his farm-house group. A leisurely road winds under the shadow of lofty mountains and between the house and barns of typical New England farm buildings. Aside from his artistic contributions to our New England history by preserving an oil-record of the homes of the pioneers.