This website is a tribute to the life and artwork of Western Massachusetts artist Robert Strong Woodward (1885 -1957).


Spaulding Rehabilitation
Hospital Exhibition
Boston, MA
April 14 - August 14, 2016

6 oils and 2 chalk drawings are now hanging in the 2nd floor Outpatient section of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston.

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Monthly Featured Artwork from our 2016 Calendar: The Farmyard

The Farmyard, an oil painting by Robert Strong Woodward. The July view depicted on the 2016 Buckland Historical Society Woodward Calendar

Website's Key Features

Welcome to! The website is divided into two main features. First is the Gallery of Woodward's artwork sorted in themes and then alphabetically. There is also the Scrapbook which contains collections of stories, memorabilia and specific citations related to Woodward, his life and achievements. It is at once a tribute and historical record of Woodward and the life and times from which he drew his inspiration.

The Artwork Galleries

The galleries consist nearly 800 known works of art created by Woodward. We have some form of an image for approximately 75% of them! The galleries are organized in two ways, first, is the Theme Gallery, sorted into 25 categories. The second is alphabetically, making up 8 separate galleries plus a gallery of artwork RSW didn't name or we do not have a name for at this time. Plus, visit our Complete Works List and surf the website from there!

Woodward's Studios

As a result of Woodward's handicap and thus limited mobility, his studios, by extension, provide a significant insight to the artist and his work. From his early paintings of the woods and brook behind Redgate, to the infamous wind blown beech tree atop Heath Pasture and his stunning window paintings from his Hiriam and Southwick studios you gain appreciation for the artist's work.

Our Recollections Scrapbook

The Recollections Scrapbook is a collection of personal accounts from people who either knew Woodward personally or related to us an experience they have had related to Woodward. A number of the stories told come from this website's originator, Mark Purinton (seen in picture to the left with Woodward), who started working for Woodward as a boy.

Painting Stories Scrapbook

This is our "story behind the paintings" collection. It includes some of Woodward's favorite subjects, such as, his neighbor Harrison Keach's Farm, the Halifax (VT) House and the North Window of his Southwick studio. There is also Charlemont Bridge artwork before the bridge was destroyed in the hurriciance of 1938 and Marlboro Church, part of a "church series" Woodward was commissioned for by industrialist Francis P. Garvin before his death.

Recent Website Updates

06-30-2016NEW ARTWORK

Spring on the Hill

Previously unknown artwork titled Spring on the Hill was recently brought to our attention by it's current owner. Check out this beautiful painting of the Beech Tree in Heath.

06-30-2016NEW IMAGE

June Sun

We are excited to add new pictures of this remarkable window paintings from Woodward's Southwick's south windows. It's unusual size (24 x36) for RSW makes this very unique piece more panaoramic.

06-30-2016NEW IMAGE

The Flying Fox

We are thrilled to have gorgeous new pictures of one of Woodward's "favorite barn canvases." The Flying Fox was also one of 26 other pieces to be exhibited at RSW's first BIG one-man-show in Boston (1926).


Original High Resolution Sepias Recovered

The website has been able to recover most all of the original images of sepias prints thought to be lost forever. We have currently added 54 new hi-res images of these recovered prints sprinkled throughout the Alphabetical Galleries. We have only gotten as far as the MN Gallery but hope to add the remaining galleries very soon.

04-22-2016NEW ARTWORK


Found in Omaha, NE, this unnamed watercolor could possibly have been painted by Woodward in his adolescence while attending the Bradley Institute in Peoria, IL. We explore the pros and cons...



Having now discovered it's real name, Unnamed#22, has been revised to reflect the change. Added images and a brief story regarding it's orgins.

04-22-2016NEW SKETCHES

The Sketchbook Gallery

Previously unavailable to get a suitable scan due to the lightness which RSW sketched them, we have added to new sketches to the sketch book. Sketch#60 is of the 'book corner' from the Little Shop studio and Sketch#61 is a none descript tree lined pasture.

04-22-2016FAMOUS OWNER

Joseph Holland

With the discovery of October Gold and Winter Design recently, we also learn that they were once owned by famous stage actor Joseph Holland. He was once famously stabbed (for real) on stage by Orson Wells. Click link to learn more...

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

When Apples Are Ripe

The website staff never misses an opportunity to try and improve the viewer's experience with better, more detailed pictures. This artwork and the following 5 others in the next row are all currently being exhibited at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston.

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

Under the Hill

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

A Country Interior

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

Spring Window

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

Spring Drifts

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

Pasture Ferns

04-14-2016NEW ARTWORK

October Gold

The artwork October Gold was believed to have been found in 2009 when it went up for auction in Mystic, CT. We discovered we were wrong when the real owners contacted the website in 2015.

04-14-2016NEW NAME

An October Gold

The artwork An October Gold was once believed to be October Gold despite it not matching it's reported size. It was not until the current owners of October Gold contacted us that we realized there are TWO golds.

04-14-2016NEW NAME

Winter Design

An added treat of the October Gold discovery was that this previously unnamed piece came with the package. Once believed to be just a sketch turns out to be a unique and rare Woodward.

04-14-2016NEW ARTICLE

Boston Globe,
March 3, 1930

This article features October Gold's appearance at the "Boston Art Week" Exhibition held at Jordan Marsh in 1930, Boston, MA.

04-14-2016NEW ARTICLE

Boston Herald,
June 29, 1930

October Gold as the featured artwork of the Herald's Rotogravure Section.

03-03-2016NEW IMAGE


The artwork Landscape is used as a feature image in the same newspaper issue as the previous article but in different paper like that often used for 'inserts.' This provided us with the best image of this piece to date.

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

New Your Times Magazine,
March 30, 1919

"Prize Winners at the Academy: Art at Home and Abroad"

A summary of prize winners from the National Academy of Design's annual exhibition, 1919.

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

Boston Evening Transcript, December 8, 1926

The artwork Landscape is used as a feature image in the same newspaper issue as the previous article but in different paper like that often used for 'inserts.'

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

Boston Evening Transcript, by "H.P;" December 8, 1926

"New England Scenes,"

The announcement and review of Woodward's One-Man Exhibition at the Lyman Residence.

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

Springfield Union, November 12, 1927

"Painting Exhibit To Open Tonight," - Announcement of the opening of Springfield Art League's ninth special exhibition of oil paints. The article also list the show's prize winners

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