This website is a tribute to the life and artwork of Western Massachusetts artist Robert Strong Woodward (1885 -1957).

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Chalk Drawing Workshop a HUGE success

Co-sponsered by the Friends of Woodward and the Buckland Public Library and led by artist Gregory Maichack drew 28 people

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Website Rebuild

We are currently updating the entire website. The entire Gallery section for every available painting and chalk drawing is complete. We are continuing to update the Scrapbook pages. Please be patient with us however as we have hundreds of pages that need to be updated with the changes and currently some links do not work. We are working to correct these as quickly as possible. See something that will help us, say something!

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Monthly Featured Artwork from our 2018 Calendar: Unnamed 23

Unnamed 23, a oil painting by Robert Strong Woodward. The February view depicted on the 2018 Buckland Historical Society Woodward Calendar

Website's Key Features

Welcome to! The website is divided into two main features. First is the Gallery of Woodward's artwork sorted in themes and then alphabetically. There is also the Scrapbook which contains collections of stories, memorabilia and specific citations related to Woodward, his life and achievements. It is at once a tribute and historical record of Woodward and the life and times from which he drew his inspiration.

The Artwork Galleries

The galleries consist nearly 800 known works of art created by Woodward. We have some form of an image for approximately 75% of them! The galleries are organized in two ways, first, is the Theme Gallery, sorted into 25 categories. The second is alphabetically, making up 8 separate galleries plus a gallery of artwork RSW didn't name or we do not have a name for at this time. Plus, visit our Complete Works List and surf the website from there!

Woodward's Studios

As a result of Woodward's handicap and thus limited mobility, his studios, by extension, provide a significant insight to the artist and his work. From his early paintings of the woods and brook behind Redgate, to the infamous wind blown beech tree atop Heath Pasture and his stunning window paintings from his Hiriam and Southwick studios you gain appreciation for the artist's work.

Our Recollections Scrapbook

The Recollections Scrapbook is a collection of personal accounts from people who either knew Woodward personally or related to us an experience they have had related to Woodward. A number of the stories told come from this website's originator, Mark Purinton (seen in picture to the left with Woodward), who started working for Woodward as a boy.

Painting Stories Scrapbook

This is our "story behind the paintings" collection. It includes some of Woodward's favorite subjects, such as, his neighbor Harrison Keach's Farm, the Halifax (VT) House and the North Window of his Southwick studio. There is also Charlemont Bridge artwork before the bridge was destroyed in the hurriciance of 1938 and Marlboro Church, part of a "church series" Woodward was commissioned for by industrialist Francis P. Garvin before his death.

Recent Website Updates

02-17-2018NEW PICS

Through Winter Pines

The current owner of this painting recently contacted the website and provided access for us to photograph and we couldn't be more grateful and appreciative. Enjoy this wonderfully atmospheric painting painted from his sled.


Through Winter Woods

In light of what we have learned about Through Winter Pines we have revised this page to correlate with the most recent discoveries.

02-13-2018NEW PAINTING

Unnamed #30

A friend of the website and Woodward owner notified us that this painting was up for sale and sold at auction in New Jersey by Nye & Co. Auctioneers. It is a previously unknown painting, clearly signed by RSW, however, the auctioneers failed to list its name, if it has one.


Auction Page

As a result of the sale of Unnamed #30, we have updated the Auction Page to reflect the sale and its date and price ($7,500)


Exhibition Page

Going through a pile of loose pages and documents we located 5 previously unknown exhibitions for which RSW displayed his work particularly in Los Angeles, CA and Charolette, NC. Those exhibitions have been added to the Exhibition Page


Famous Owners Gallery

As we continue to sort through the provenance of RSW's paintings, his notes and papers, looking up various names and what have you... we continue to discover new owners of note. This Gallery has been updated to reflect the addition of 4 new occupants.

02-05-2018NEW PAGE

Comedian & Entertainer
Jack Benny

We have ALWAYS known that RSW painted for and sold a painting to Benny in 1939 for his brand new home in Beverly Hills. The deal was brokered through close RSW friend, former Hollywood set designer turned interior designer Harold Grieve.

02-03-2018NEW PAGE

George Dupont Pratt

Mr. Pratt bought New England Winter from an exhibition at the Deerfield Academy in June of 1932. A graduate of Amherst where he was a celebrated athlete, he went on to be part of the founding of the Amercian Boy Scouts of America among many other things...

01-31-2018NEW PAGE

Virginia Dwyer Gorman

A soap opera actress, she was best known for her role as matriarch Mary Matthews on Another World, a role she played from the series premiere in 1964 until her departure in 1975. In 1991, she donated her painting Contentment to the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts.

01-28-2018NEW PAGE

Movie Producer
Bernard H. Hyman

In a 16 year career, Hyman produced as many as 25 films working with the likes of Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, etc... and was part of bringing the original Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan to audiences in 1932 followed by two more in 1936 and 1939.


Southwick Studio
Then & Now

The second page of our comprehensive look at the Southwick Place from RSW's time to today. This page focuses solely on the studio itself and features an excerpt from an article published in American Artist Magazine by Ernest W. Watson and his visit to the studio just 10 months before RSW's death.

12-05-2017NEW PICS

The Green Bottle and the Barn

New pictures of this wonderful painting have now been uploaded! Be sure to check out the large hi-res image, it is stunning!


New England Drama

We climbed a steep hill to capture this remarkable New England house and farm today from a vantage point close to the original painting.

12-03-2017NEW PAGE

Colton's Radiogram

In 1934 Woodward friend and head of the Colton Elastic Web Company Clifford Richmond sponsored a monthly radio program. Just after RSW's Hiram Woodward fire Richmond used his program to tell the tail of RSW's perseverance.

12-02-2017NEW PAGE

RSW's Style: by Henry Haff

In 1970, the Deerfield Academy's American Studies Group published an illustrated catalogue featuring RSW, his life and work. In the catalogue, Deerfield student, Henry Haff, '71, wrote a compelling essay on RSW's style worthy of its own page. ENJOY!


Across the Winter River

It was recently discovered that this piece was left out of the new Purinton Hill Gallery. Furthermore, we were able to locate the approximate spot where RSW painted it and added to the page a topographic map pointing it out.

11-28-2017NEW PICS

A Quiet Village

We already had pretty good pictures of this wonderful chalk but when we had the opportunity to get a better picture, we do it. This drawing is quite remarkable. It is an excellent example of RSW's unique style. It also contains the MOST number of items favored by him and is included 5 theme galleries on the website.

11-26-2017NEW PICS

From a Mountain Farm

The Smithsonian Museum has recently revamped its entire website! And with that, they have updated the quality of their images which includes this sepia image of the painting.

11-24-2017NEW CHALK

Haystack From Wilmington

This chalk was recently located and is privately owned. We are hoping for better pictures, but for the time being we are thrilled to it return to the fold! There was a recently discovered Unfinished chalk of Haystack Mountain in Vermont but this piece is the only known completed one.

11-22-2017NEW CHALK

Along the Shaded Road

Recently located is this wonderful chalk which happens to look a lot like the road from which another Unfinished oil was done. The owner believes it is of Oxbow Road in Heath (MA) but if east or west is not known. None the less, it is terrific!

11-03-2017    FOUND: 17 Unfinished works of art in an old shipping crate , in an attic.


Unfinished Chalks & Oils

We added the Unfinished artwork to the bottom of Unnamed Gallery because technically, they are unnamed. It is unclear to us as to why RSW did not compete these pieces, whether it was time or dissatisfaction with the composition.


Unfinished #1

First Church of Deerfield

Unfinished #2

First Church of Deerfield, Profile

Unfinished #3

The Modest Church

Unfinished #4

Beech Tree

Unfinished #5

Tree and Stone Wall

ROWS 2 & 3

Unfinished #6

A Country Path

Unfinished #7

South Over the Valley

Unfinished #8

Halifax House Elm

Unfinished #9

House in Halifax

Unfinished #10

The Little Window

Unfinished #11

Mount Equinox



6 of the "Unfinished" pieces were nothing more than a sketch with just a hint or touch of chalk and as such we felt it best to include those pieces in the Sketchbook. To the right are the items. If the work is related to a known piece it was named as such and the two pieces were unique and give a number.


Unfinished Chalk


Unfinished Chalk

Halifax House

Unfinished Chalk

Little Sugar House

Unfinished Chalk

Under Purinton Hill

Sketchbook #64

The Little Window

Sketchbook #65

Mount Equinox

11-02-2017NEW IMAGES

Burnham Cottage

New images of the painting of the cottage RSW once lived early in his career.

11-01-2017NEW IMAGES

After Early Frost

We traveled to New Hampshire and the Franklin Public Library is get this beautiful painting picture! Cudos the the library for their wonderful collection of paintings.

10-31-2017NEW IMAGES

Just After Haying Time

We traveled to New Hampshire and the Franklin Public Library is get this beautiful painting picture! Cudos the the library for their wonderful collection of paintings.

10-29-2017NEW IMAGE

Winter Slope

The owner of this wonderful painting came to us to share it in person. We couldn't be MORE grateful for their generousity.


The Tale of Two Winters

Along with the newly aquired Winter Slope this page has been updated with new images.

10-27-2017NEW PROFILE

Walter & Belle Smith

The Smiths may just be one of the most important people regarding Woodward's success as an artist. Famous collectors, they are known for giving their entire collection to the Springfield Library Association to start a museum. Mr. Smith would buy 4 of RSW's early paintings, the first museum to do so...

10-25-2017NEW PROFILE

Mrs. Pauline Everett

Equally important to RSW's career and legacy was Mrs. Everett who gave here entire collection of artwork to museums all across the country, including 8 Woodwards. Not much is know about her but we were able to scrounge up some stuff and learned RSW may have made a rare trip to NYC to meet her.

10-23-2017NEW ARCHIVE

1925 Fundraiser

This was a shocking discovery. In 1925, RSW friend, Dr. Lawrence Lunt sent a fundraising letter to Mrs. Belle Townsley Smith appealing for her to contribute funds to aid RSW who at the time... still feeling the effects of his disasterous Redgate fire in 1922 was not making his bills!

10-22-2017NEW ARCHIVE

Contentment Gift

In 1991, former soap actress, Virginia Dwyer Gorman, sought to give as a gift her Woodward painting Contentment to the Springfiled Museum of Fine Art along with her sister Jenny Lou.

10-21-2017NEW GALLERY

Archives & Letters

Over the years of gathering information and reference material we have accumilated a number of letters and documents pertaining to RSW. We felt it was time to start a new gallery devoted solely to the papers.

09-12-2017NEW PAINTING

Unnamed #41: Out of the Past

New pictures of a yet unnamed painting of the "Little Brown House" in Deerfield with the large elm in front.


New England Castle

This piece was just added to our Complete Works List. It is mentioned in RSW's diary comments for Farmer's Castle and was not added to our list until now.


1918 National Academy of Design

It was recently discovered that RSW sent Golden Barn to be exhibited at the academy's annual show and passed the jury and did hang there.


Farmer's Castle

During a recent visit to the Field Public Library's (Conway, MA) exhibit of artist Lester Stevens work for Conway's 250th Anniversary celebration we saw two paintings Stevens did of the very same farm from a different perspective. Visit the page to see!

09-08-2017NEW PAGES

Illustrated Catalogue of Robert Strong Woodward

In 1970, the American Studies Group of the Deerfield Academy published what they called an Illustrated Catalogue profiling RSW and his work. It is an impressive piece of work by the young men involved.

updates continued...