This website is a tribute to the life and artwork of Western Massachusetts artist Robert Strong Woodward (1885 -1957).

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As the website grows in popularity and raises Woodward's profile, the more owners our reaching out to us and graciously sharing their artwork with us. We couldn't be MORE appreciative and grateful for their generosity and kindness. Enjoy!

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The 2017 Calendars have SOLD OUT!

However, we do have 11 years of past calendars picture galleries... get ready for 2018 and view previous calendars

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The Friends Of Woodward organization has now received 501(c)3 status. This means that donations to the organization are tax deductible. Click here for more information about the Friends Of Woodward.

Website Rebuild

We are currently updating the entire website. The entire Gallery section for every available painting and chalk drawing is complete. We are continuing to update the Scrapbook pages. Please be patient with us however as we have hundreds of pages that need to be updated with the changes and currently some links do not work. We are working to correct these as quickly as possible. See something that will help us, say something!
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Monthly Featured Artwork from our 2017 Calendar: Winter Orchard

Spring Comes To New England, an oil painting by Robert Strong Woodward. The April view depicted on the 2017 Buckland Historical Society Woodward Calendar

Website's Key Features

Welcome to! The website is divided into two main features. First is the Gallery of Woodward's artwork sorted in themes and then alphabetically. There is also the Scrapbook which contains collections of stories, memorabilia and specific citations related to Woodward, his life and achievements. It is at once a tribute and historical record of Woodward and the life and times from which he drew his inspiration.

The Artwork Galleries

The galleries consist nearly 800 known works of art created by Woodward. We have some form of an image for approximately 75% of them! The galleries are organized in two ways, first, is the Theme Gallery, sorted into 25 categories. The second is alphabetically, making up 8 separate galleries plus a gallery of artwork RSW didn't name or we do not have a name for at this time. Plus, visit our Complete Works List and surf the website from there!

Woodward's Studios

As a result of Woodward's handicap and thus limited mobility, his studios, by extension, provide a significant insight to the artist and his work. From his early paintings of the woods and brook behind Redgate, to the infamous wind blown beech tree atop Heath Pasture and his stunning window paintings from his Hiriam and Southwick studios you gain appreciation for the artist's work.

Our Recollections Scrapbook

The Recollections Scrapbook is a collection of personal accounts from people who either knew Woodward personally or related to us an experience they have had related to Woodward. A number of the stories told come from this website's originator, Mark Purinton (seen in picture to the left with Woodward), who started working for Woodward as a boy.

Painting Stories Scrapbook

This is our "story behind the paintings" collection. It includes some of Woodward's favorite subjects, such as, his neighbor Harrison Keach's Farm, the Halifax (VT) House and the North Window of his Southwick studio. There is also Charlemont Bridge artwork before the bridge was destroyed in the hurriciance of 1938 and Marlboro Church, part of a "church series" Woodward was commissioned for by industrialist Francis P. Garvin before his death.

Recent Website Updates

03-13-2017NEW IMAGE

New England Valley

We just got our hands on these new high-resolution images of this early work of Woodward's just in time to be added to two of our new theme galleries (IN BLOOM and FENCES, GATES & DOORS) Painted in 1919 of mountain laurel blooms on a sloping hillside above the Deerfield River.


New Theme Galleries

It has been a long time coming... we have revised the Theme gallery page by adding 9 new theme galleries!


03-11-2017NEW GALLERY!

Chalks & Crayons

Finally we have compiled a gallery of ALL the Chalk Drawings (Crayons & Charcoals) for fans of this art form. Woodward's drawing paintings are unique, in that, work in popular pastels is rare in the art world other than well known artist Georgia O'Keefe and just a handful of others.

03-11-2017NEW GALLERY!

Burning Autumn

What is a New England artist without spectacular autumn scenes? Here we compiled all of RSW's fall foliage paintings we have images for, including anything that shows the beginning of fall.

03-11-2017NEW GALLERY!

Fences, Gates & Doors

While compiling the other list... the website staff began to notice a pattern. One, there were far more fences in paintings than we anticipated. Two, a lot of fences also featured interesting barn doors and/ or openings and finally... RSW did feature 'doors' in numerous paintings.

03-10-2017NEW GALLERY!

In Bloom

The beauty of nature is that things 'bloom' at different times throughout the spring and fall so rather than simply compile 'spring paintings' we pulled together every painting where we cound find something blooming.

03-10-2017NEW GALLERY!

Purinton Hill

One of the most iconic hills in all of Buckland, MA was the subject in numerous of paintings by Woodward but also made its way into others as a distant backdrop.

03-09-2017NEW GALLERY!

Quintessential Redgate

Woodward's early success as a professional landscape painter is found in these 'atmospheric' woods and wetlands pieces painted from his first studio's back window.

03-09-2017NEW GALLERY!

Rocks & Stone Walls

What says "New England," besides fall foliage, more than stone walls and rock ledges? Here is a gallery compiled of all known paintings that contained or featured rocks and stone walls.

03-08-2017NEW GALLERY!

Snow On The Ground

The premise of this gallery, rather than simply featuring the 'winter' months, was to include any work of art that has snow on the ground whether it be late fall or early spring!

00-00-2017NEW GALLERY!

Stunning Skies

Big skies are a common theme in many landscape paintings and RSW was no exception. This gallery includes paintings by Woodward that featured the sky or used the sky to frame the landscape he painted.


Churches & Cemetery

There was one painting Woodward featured a cemetery and it sat alone in its own gallery. We have now merged that piece with the churches and included ALL pieces that show a church, even if it's just a steeple.


Scrapbook Gallery

We have reorganized our Scrapbook Gallery into 3 sections improving the viewer's experience in locating topics of interest. The sections are as follows- Stories & Essays, List & Archives and Tributes. Enjoy!

02-23-2017NEW IMAGE

West Glow

For the longest time, an unnamed and unsigned painting of a vibrant sunset was assumed to most likely be West Glow, until now... Signed and named, along with a label from the Salmagundi Club guarantees this new image is the real deal.

02-22-2017NEW SKETCH

Sketch #63

This recently located sketch of the back porch, facing east, between the Southwick house and studio and its view of the valley and hill has been now added to the Sketchbook Gallery along with an old photo taken from almost the same perspective.

02-21-2017NEW STORY

Tale of Two Winters

This story is an attempt to show how difficult sorting out RSW's paintings of similar scenes and repeated use of similar names can cause fits for the website staff especially when Woodward stays consisted in name and content of one scene but not the other.

02-20-2017NEW PAGE

Gothic Revival

This page is an added bonus to those interested in the Southwick Place and classic home styles. Southwick holds true to the Gothic Revival style in the subdued and modest New England way. Built in 1850, it is one of the first Gothic Revival homes in area.

01-24-2017NEW ARTWORK

Maple Sugaring

This recently discovered painting (January 2017) of the Keach Farm sugar house is similar to but different, in both size and aspect ratio, from, Steaming Sugar House.

01-23-2017NEW PAGE

Public Institutions

A revised list of Woodward's artwork held by public institutions (museums, libraries & colleges). Not all of them are available to the public, however, the list does note if it is available.

01-22-2017NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed #14: From Under the Studio Tree

This newly found painting painted from the tree in front of RSW's small studio, affectionately called The Little Shop, of the farm across the road with Purinton Hill in the distance. A really unique piece in both color and tone.

01-21-2017NEW IMAGE

The Tranquil Hour

This quintessential Redgate painting has a new high resolution image.

01-20-2017NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed #20: Above the Winter Hills

This gorgeous painting of the 'Buckland Hills' from Burrington Hill in Heath, MA is worth a look. See the featured topographical map of Woodward's vantage point.

01-19-2017NEW INFO

Rushing Brook

This page has been revised when it was discovered that Woodward may have posed for a picture in 1922 in front of the painting he may have possibly painted Rushing Brook in 1942. The photo is of poor quality but the features appear to line up.

01-18-2017PAGE REVISED

The Brook

Up until recently, it was believed that a painting Woodward posed for a picture in front of in 1922 was The Brook. However, in a handwritten note RSW specifically states that The Brook was painted in the "Clock Hollow' section of Buckland not matching the Diary Comments of Rushing Brook.

01-17-2017NEW ARTWORK

Tranquil Hour

Wow, when it rains it pours! This newly located painting is related to The Tranquil Hour and Evening Tranquil Hour. It is the same wintry pond with more of the trees surrounding it but in an upright/portrait version.

12-21-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed #1: A New England Farm

A beautiful painting of a small New England farm surrounded by wooded hills of late summer, early fall. It features a man plowing a field with his horses.

12-21-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed #2

This recently discovered painting was found for sale on eBay and sold for $4,350. It is a signed but unnamed version similar to Winter Mist.

12-19-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed #8

A Beech Tree painting from the Heath pasture. It is unique in the sense that it from a vantage point not seen in any other Beech Tree painting.

12-18-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed #10

A pasture painting of two hills meeting and divided by a stone wall and featuring a large tree in late autumn from early in RSW's career.

12-15-2016NEW IMAGE

Out of the Past

It is still a black and white but much clearer and better resolution of Out of the Past.

updates continued...