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Recent Website Updates continued...

09-09-2019 NEW ARTWORK

To A Friend; Illumination

This hand-drawn illumination made during Woodward's commercial artist years (1911 - 1917) was discovered by Janet Gerry who has an uncanny ability to locate RSW's work while doing something unrelated. The verse is borrowed from Robert Louis Stevenson's book of poetry, Underwood, Chapter XI, "To Will. H. Low.

09-13-2019 NEW PICS

August Shade, Sepia

It was time to update a number of the sepia prints in the estate. Many of the images we had were scanned nearly 15 years ago so we set out to re-capture them in a higher, most crisp resolution. This painting is one of a number of new scans. Enjoy!

09-09-2019 NEW PICS

Dooryard Elm, Sepia

It was time to update a number of the sepia prints in the estate. Many of the images we had were scanned nearly 15 years ago so we set out to re-capture them in a higher, most crisp resolution. This painting is one of a number of new scans. Enjoy!

09-14-2019 NEW PICS

Hill and Valley

It was time to update a number of the sepia prints in the estate. Many of the images we had were scanned nearly 15 years ago so we set out to re-capture them in a higher, most crisp resolution. This painting is one of a number of new scans. Enjoy!

09-14-2019 NEW PICS

March Snow

The only image we have of this painting is an old grainy photograph. However, that photograph was scanned for the website nearly 15 years ago and we made every effort to re-cpature the photo in a high resolution and better contrast and depth.

09-14-2019 NEW PICS

Shaded Road

It was time to update a number of the sepia prints in the estate. Many of the images we had were scanned nearly 15 years ago so we set out to re-capture them in a higher, most crisp resolution. This painting is one of a number of new scans. Enjoy!

09-19-2019 NEW PICS

Silent Evening, Sepia

We now have a new image of this painting which was added 6 months ago but the sepia image we had has always had a glare in the lower portions of the print. We re-captured it in hopes of providing a clearer respresentation of the sepia. There is still a glare of sorts because there is a sheen on the image but the new scan is better.

09-19-2019 NEW PICS

Summer Landscape

It was time to update a number of the sepia prints in the estate. Many of the images we had were scanned nearly 15 years ago so we set out to re-capture them in a higher, most crisp resolution. This painting is one of a number of new scans. Enjoy!

09-24-2019 NEW PICS

October Flame, Sepia

We have a lovely color picture of this vibrant painting. Over the past couple of years we have been adding the sepia prints to the artwork pages and with that have now added this paintings sepia to its page.


As we work to build the new Sketchbook Gallery we have been releasing new, never before seen sketches featured in the gallery. Here are some more...

Peltier Farm, Chalk

Rolling Pastures

Shaded Farm

Simple Hills

Strength of New England

09-26-2019 NEW PICS

North Mowing

It was time to update a number of the sepia prints in the estate. Many of the images we had were scanned nearly 15 years ago so we set out to re-capture them in a higher, most crisp resolution. This painting is one of a number of new scans. Enjoy!

09-28-2019 NEW PICS

The Window; A Still Life and Winter Scene

We have two images of this painting, (1) is its sepia which has always been used and the other (2) is from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It is a simple, but crystal clear black and white photograph. We have decided the because of its clarity we would use the photo with credit given to the Boston MFA.

09-30-2019 NEW PICS

Woodland Mystery

It was time to update a number of the sepia prints in the estate. Many of the images we had were scanned nearly 15 years ago so we set out to re-capture them in a higher, most crisp resolution. This painting is one of a number of new scans. Enjoy!

10-02-2019 NEW INFO

New England Heritage

In transcribing Woodward's 1932 personal diary we have learned that he was incorrect about the buyer of this painting in his painting diary. This information is supported by another source and so we have updated the info regarding its buyer... The surprise is it was bought by RSW's bookplate client Francis Meredyth Whitehouse! Read more...


As we work to build the new Sketchbook Gallery we have been releasing new, never before seen sketches featured in the gallery. Here are some more...

Back of the House

Below the Orchard

Big Chimney #2

Big Chimney #3

Blue Hills

09-01-2019 NEW PAINTING

Summer in Manchester

This chalk drawing was brought to our attention by its current owner. Though we will work on getting a better picture please enjoy this new addition to the catalogue.

This 1937 painting has a perspective of Mount Equinox never before seen in RSW's work.

09-01-2019 NEW PICS

Country Sitting Room

Fitting with our effort to provide the best images of avaliable. We recently re-shot new pictures of this early Woodward paintings of the interior of the Keach home using a new technique to reduce the glare from the high gloss RSW used early in his career.

09-01-2019 NEW PICS

Passing New England

Another new image from the estate's sepia collection (the previous was A Hill Road below). This painting is one of several "Editorial" paintings RSW painted between 1929 and 1933, at the rise of the American Art Scene Moverment. The painting was widely exhibited culminating in it being invited to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1936 by its director Robert Harshe.


As we work to launch the new Sketchbook Gallery we realized that it would be a good idea to start rolling out the individual pages of the new ones for you to enjoy. We start with the sketches we qualify as "drawings." This is to say they had to meet a criteria of completeness without evidence of hast or brevity. This includes shading and skies with clouds. See the next column for links...


Barn Along the Orchard

Camel's Hump

Clouds Over Equinox

Deerfield Church

Diginity of Age

Distant Drama

Down a Shaded Road

Endless New England

Haying Time

Low in the Valley

Majestic Farm

09-01-2019 NEW PICS

New Hay

Some of RSW's early paintings were painted in a style of impasti so heavy on the brush it has ridges that pick up the slightest light from any direction, New Hay has been our greatest challange because of the dark browns and blacks used to paint the inside if the Keach barn. The glare from this painting is so distracting it makes it difficult to fully appreciate its vibrancy. To date this is our best effort yet...

08-10-2019 NEW PICS

A Hill Road

Not only did we just recently correct some information on this page but we have also come across prints the allow us to offer the viewer a better look at this painting.

07-31-2019 NEW PICS

High in Plainfield

We recently heard from the owner of this wonderful 1927 chalk drawing. It was featured in the October issue of McCall's magazine accompanying an essay written by Corinne Roosevelt Aslop, cousin of Eleanor Roosevelt. We always wondered how this came to be but now seeing how it was drawn suspect that RSW drew it specifically for print.

07-31-2019 RENAMED

Into the Woods

For some time now, we of extended an offer to the owners of unnamed Woodward's. In Woodward's time he permitted buyers of his work direct from his studio to name the paintings they were purchasing if not already named. In that tradition we offered owners of unnamed paintings to select a name so that they may join the regular alphabetical galleries. This is the first painting to take advantage.

07-31-2019 UPDATED

My Grandmother's Lamp

In the constant pursuit of digitalizing the archive of Woodward's papers and documents, we have also been updating the images on the website in new high-resolution pictures. Regarding this particular painting, RSW commented in his personal diary in 1932 as he was painting it. We have updated those images and transcribe them for your convenience, enjoy!

05-31-2019 NEW PICS

Mild Winter

New color pictures of this wonderfully bright and vibrant Heath pasture and Beech Tree scene.

05-30-2019 NEW PICS

Silent Evening

New, clear and crisp pictures of the early 1920s painting. The picture shows a better look of the pink reflection on the snow in what is probably a setting sun.

05-29-2019 NEW PICS

Charlemont Bridge
Long Bridge
Through Summer Hills
Through Summer Hills, Chalk

Another photograph that appears similar to paintings of the same subject. This one in particular is early 1930s, years before the hurricane of 1938 which wiped out the Charlemont Bridge featured. All but one of these paintings were painted after the '38 storm.

05-22-2019 NEW PAINTING

Unnamed: South Window

Found in a series of color slides left in Woodward's personal items is this previously unknown south window painting. The slide had some damage but it is clearly different from the only other known south window painting June Sun. From the same slides we included to photos of the south south window arrangements, in color, as it was in the 1940s.

05-21-2019 NEW PICS

Unnamed: North Window in Winter

We have always had a black and white image of this painting. What we didn't know is that the black and white prints were actually color pictures printed black and white. The color images were made into slides recently discovered in RSW's personal items. As an extra treat we added a color pic of a studio dinner table setting and arrangement.

05-13-2019 PIC ADDED

Slanting Silo, Oil

Among the recently discovered color slides was a photograph of this barn appearing much the way it does in RSW's 1947 painting but from a different vantage point. The color pictures are from the early 1940s and we bleieve it was 1942 to be more precise.

05-05-2019 NEW PIC

New England Autumn

When revising and adding new pictures to Bennington Church page (see below: 2 rows down) we were reintroduced to the 1940 Yankee Magazine feature on Woodward. In that article was a picture of this painting. We already had a sepia image of this painting but it a bit blurred. We added the magazine pic for its better focus.

05-05-2019 NEW PIC

Open Doors

Among the recently discovered color slides was a photograph of Woodward's Heath Studio garage from almost the exact perspective found in these paintings! Another excellant example for our exploration into what role photographs had in Woodward's work.

05-03-2019 NEW PICS

The Hills

For the first time ever, we are sharing more intimate pictures of Woodward left in his personal items after his passing. HERE we share 3, never before seen photographs of RSW painting "The Hills" from his beloved Heath pasture, under the Beech tree, near the edge of the ledge.

05-02-2019 NEW PICS

Peace of Years

Another never before seen photograph of Woodward in his '36 Packard painting this artwork. You cannot see RSW very well. The picture was taken from a distance but reading his diary comments adds a great deal of importance. This picture was taken, probably by Dr. Mark, the day before he was to leave for the Air Force in 1944.

05-02-2019 NEW PICS

Double Victory

In an effort to digitalize every photograph left to Woodward's estate from his personal items. We are finding a few pics related to, if not exactly but close enough, in perspective to known paintings raising the question of how much RSW used photos in making them. This chalk drawing, however, is what we believe to be emblematic of RSW's larger philosophical view.

05-01-2019 NEW PICS

Sun on the Balcony

Another couple of photos found in RSW's personal items of the balcony at his Southwick Studio. One, in particular, has a similar perspective but the table setting arrangement is different, the other is from a different vantage point but shows a similar table setting.

05-01-2019 NEW PICS

The Potter Homestead,
In the August Sun, and
In the Afternoon Sun

As part of RSW's personal items we found 2 photos of the Potter Homestead in Greenfield, MA. The pinting was to be part of the Garvin commission which consisted of mostly churches. This is the only home we know of painted. Also part of the Garvin commission is the Bennington Church (the next row down).

April- 2019 REVISED

Beulah Bondi

In light of new information regarding RSW's good friend actress Beulah Bondi, particularly from Helen Patch's recollection we have revised the page devoted to her adding more specific details to when Bondi visited RSW and reported some exciting news about her estate./

April- 2019 UPDATED

Exhibitions List

As we continue to pore over RSW's papers we learn of more exhibitions. The two most recent additions are significant... (1) 1926, Josephine Everett lent two Woodward's to the Los Angeles Museum of Fine Arts. This is much earlier than we expected the two to have had a relationship. (2) 1937 the Inaugural Exhibition of Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC. Today one of the most highly regarded museums in the country.

April- 2019 NEW PICS

Majestic Monadnock and
In the Summer Sun

The next three updates are related to our attempt to digitalized ALL the images we have from Woodward's personal item left in his estate. In the collection we located a photograph that nearly mirrors the subject matter of these to related paintings of Monadnock from East Jaffrey, NH.

April- 2019 NEW PICS

Bennington Church

In old photographs in RSW's personal items we found these two pictures of the Bennington Church, one of which looks to be very close to the painting's perspective raising the question of how much Woodward use photographs to paint artwork from his studio.

April- 2019 NEW PICS

From Our Forefathers

In old photographs in RSW's personal items we found this photograph of the "Goodnough" house in West Halifax, VT. It was the neighboring farm to his beloved Halifax House. The picture appears nothing like the perspective of the painting, however, we do wonder if it may have been used as a reference point to paint the scene.

03-15-2019 PICS ADDED

Busy Sugaring
Four Maple Trees in March Four Maple Trees in March (Sketch)

The website has been busy digitalizing ALL the pictures in the estate scrapbooks. In that process we came across this old pic of the Griswold maple trees and sugar house seen in these works of art. The picture has been added to the pages.

03-14-2019 NEW PIC

Silent River

Digitalizing all the pictures in the estate's scrapbooks we discovered a picture of this painting better than the one we had and have now updated the page.

03-11-2019 NEW PIC

The Three Chimneys

Digitalizing all the pictures in the estate's scrapbooks we discovered a picture of this painting better than the one we had and have now updated the page.

03-09-2019 PICS ADDED

Unnamed: High in Leyden

The website has been busy digitalizing ALL the pictures in the estate scrapbooks. In that process we came across this old pic of Woodward in his Packard painting en plein aire this very piece. These pictures are some of the best samples we have of him working from the touring car. Also, he just so happen to note the pictures as , "Beecher's Pasture (Leyden)" and so we have changed the name of this Unnamed painting to reflect its location.

03-08-2019 NEW PIC

October Farm

Digitalizing all the pictures in the estate's scrapbooks we discovered a picture of this painting better than the one we had and have now updated the page. This image has been difficult to get a true representation of its appearance because all we have is the magazine cover on which it appeared and the colors used in print (particularly the yellow) is a bit over saturated, as well as, faded by time. We will continue to work to get it as close as we can.

03-06-2019 NEW PIC

Winter Song

Digitalizing all the pictures in the estate's scrapbooks we discovered a picture of this painting better than the one we had and have now updated the page. This image stamped, "Oct 88", has been re-scanned and is better than the previous one. Unfortunately, the image is still not as high a quality as we would like.

03-03-2019 NEW PAINTING

Unnamed: Strength of Years

This painting once appeared on the original website and in the process of updating and redesigning the website... got lost in the shuffle. It is the ONLY painting we have come across in the 11 years of the new design to have been misplaced. Leaving no piece of work behind, it has now been added to the Unnamed Gallery where it belongs.

02-25-2019 NEW PAGE

Helen Ives Schermerhorn

Helen is a friend made from his childhood and became a life long pen pal. If not for Helen's foresight to save her letters from RSW we would know next to nothing about RSW's personal views and interest. We would know so little about his recovery from his accident... A page dedicated to her has been LONG over due! She is in her own right an amazing and accomplished person, please enjoy our story...

02-24-2019 NEW DISCOVERY

Night Verses to the Little Shops

This new illumination was recently discovered in papers related to Helen Ives and later given to RSW's cousin Florence by her sister-in-law Anna after Helen's death.

Made for print, we believe while RSW was making his way as an illustrator, this piece is one which he also wrote the verse! RSW does not mention the publication this piece was published, nor the date.

02-20-2019 NEW PAINTING

Unnamed: Winter Solace

This signed painting by RSW came up for auction online January 28, 2019 and sold for $600.

An interesting piece, we believe, this painting was made very early in his career, and most likely in his childhood. If this is the case, it is the earliest example we have of RSW spelling out his entire name to sign a painting. There is SO much about this piece that raises a multitude of questions and speculation...

02-08-2019 NEW PAGE

Victor J. West

Victor is one of the friends who was most likely with RSW the day of his tragic gun accident. Fast friends through their mutual love of literature and philosophy during their brief year together at Bradley. After graduating from the University of Chicago, Victor was in Los Angeles working for RSW's father as a secretary for the Briggs Realty Company. Victor went on to become the first head of the newly formed Political Science department at Stanford University.

02-02-2019 NEW ESSAYS

Boston Paintings &
Boston Romance

After revising the Boston Theme Gallery to reflect our most recent research we also sought to amend the scrapbook story regarding the Boston trip RSW made in 1930. A critical examination of the Boston paintings raised a number of questions as to exactly what was RSW's complicated relationship with Boston itself. We attempt to draw out the relationship's value as well as its flaws. Both essays reflect our effort to put RSW's career and legacy into context.


Boston Romance: The Oyster House and In Old Boston, Oil

For the longest time there was a great deal of confusion regarding how many "Oyster House" paintings there are. We believe we have finally straigthened out the problem after comparing our exhibition list to RSW's dairy comments and newspaper articles we have sorted much of it out and an impending Scapbook page is coming... (continued in the next entry)


The Boston Theme Gallery

... The Boston theme gallery now reflects what we believe are the actually paintings painted from his stay in 1930 for the celebration of Boston's 300th birthday. Given the revisions to Boston Romance: The Oyster House and In Old Boston, Oil, we have also revised the original chalk drawing RSW made. He never names the drawing in his diary but we have settled on The Oyster House, Chalk for the time being.

11-15-2018NEW CHALK

Gray Heights

You learn something new everyday... We have always wondered why RSW would vary his spelling of the word grey/gray. For a time we thought his use of "gray" was a reference to color and that "grey" was more a mood. Well the discovery of this chalk drawing might change that theory or at the least put a kink in it.

11-13-2018NEW PICS

Grey Heights

Auctioned by the Thomaston Place Auction Galleries, Thomaston, ME, on November 11, 2018. We learned that not only did we have the name wrong but the name we had this painting listed under is believed to be a previously unknown chalk drawing with a slightly varied name, Gray Heights!


Auction Page

On November 11, 2018, the painting Grey Heights was auctioned by the Thomaston Place Auction Galleries, Thomaston, ME, and sold for a hammer price of $8,500. Visit our Auction Page for more...

10-15-2018NEW CHALK

High Heath

This previously unknonw chalk was brought to our attention by its current owner. It is of a solitary farm from a distant field with a backdrop of rolling hills and a big sky above. A closer look, which we provide, shows a woman leading a couple horse while laundry hangs to dry on the clothes line. A truly unique piece!

10-13-2018NEW INFO

Francis Meredyth & Mary Armour Whitehouse

This is embarassing to admit but for the longest time we took this bookplate to be for a Mr. Meredyth and a Mrs. Whitehouse when in reality this is the bookplate for prominant Chicago architect Francis Meredyth Whitehouse and his wife Mary Armour. The bookplate was for their Manchester by the Sea (MA) estate Crowhurst. We include new information and pictures!

10-13-2018NEW PAINTING

Unnamed: Gathering Time

This wonderful unsigned and unnamed 36 x 42 painting, we believe, depicts a farmer leading his oxen pulling a buckboard carraige to collect sap late in the season, sometime around early spring. From its brush style, we believe it was painted sometime after 1935. It features a wide spreading maple, on a knoll, with 3 red buckets attached.

10-13-2018NEW PAINTING

Unnamed: Clouds Over Blooms

In what appears to be painted in his early impressionistic impasto style, this piece illustrates an almost playful mirroring of clouds above with an orchard of apple trees in bloom below. It is interesting to consider if this really occurred and it inspired RSW to capture it or did he take some dramatic license and intentionally painted the clouds in a matching pattern?

10-11-2018NEW INFO

Eugenia Beetle Herring

For a number of years now we have been trying to gather any information we can regarding the identity of Mrs. Herring. We have learned that more often than not, woman from prominant families often assumed their husband's name but kept thier own sans today's custom of using a hyphen. Eugenia Beetle is of the whaling industry's New Bedford Beetles. Visit the page for more...!

10-11-2018NEW PICS

In the November Sun

In a rarity for chalk drawings we have had a high quality black and white picture of this piece for many years. Now we finally have a color picture sent to us by its current owner. It is of the unfinished silo, with the make-shift scaffolding that looks to be fragile at best, RSW painted several times from varying angles.

10-10-2018NEW PICS

Golden Slope

After many years in California having once been owned by close friend, actress Beluah Bondi and her estate, this beautiful autumn painting has come home to New England! Recently cleaned and restored at the Williamstown (MA) Art Conservation Center and on exhibit until Oct. 31st at the PVMA... we may have the pictures but they do not compare to seeing it in person. GO SEE IT!

10-10-2018NEW PICS

Winter Design

Also recently cleaned and restored is this early composite painting of Clark Brook frozen in winter heading towards the Deerfiled River. Besides it being a rare composite painting, it also shows the subtle feature of a setting moon in the west. Also on exhibit until Oct. 31st at the PVMA... we may have the pictures but they do not compare to seeing it in person. GO SEE IT!


Early Moonlight,1943

Added to the complete works list is this previously unknonw painting cited by Mrs. Helen Patch in her letters to the Deerfield Academy's American Studies Group in June of 1970. We do not know if she got the name correct because there is already a 1921 painting by the same name but we will keep it in the catalogue until we learn otherwise.


Unnamed: New England Landscape

Previously unknown to us this painting comes to us from its current owner. It is one of those quintessential New England scenes that fits into multiple catagories... roadside, tree, autumn, rock walls and ledge, a fence, a wood pile, with just a glimpse into a distant field and hills beyond. A classic New England landscape, thus the name ascribed to it by us.

09-27-2018NEW INFO

While revising the image for Down an August Road it was determined that this painting could not have been the painting later cut down and renamed Early Autumn. THEY ARE DIFFERENT SEASONS! Upon further review, examining diary comments and exhbition records we not only determined that the "cut-down" painting is In Early Autumn but that there were two previously unknown chalk drawings:
Early Autumn, Chalk and
The Road Home
related to The Home Road

09-27-2018NEW PICS & INFO

Unnamed: Across the Valley

This painting came up for auction and sold this July. We first learned of this painting 20 years ago when it went up for auction in New Hampshire but have never seen it in person until now. The only painting in RSW's catalog of its size, at nearly hundred years old it is in excellent condition!


Robert Strong Woodward: "Painter of New England's Hills and Farms" by Ernest W. Watson

This wonderful tribute to RSW holds many interesting facts and tidbits, however, what is most impressive are the 6 paintings featured. Five of the paintings are the ONLY good quality images we have! What's more is to this day we do not know their whereabouts. It is remarkable for one article to contain so much value.

09-26-2018NEW PICS

From the article in October, 1946, American Artist Magazine we captured 5 new images of the paintings featured.Tthe paintings are the ONLY good quality images we have! What's more is to this day we do not know their whereabouts...

Down an August Road
When Sap Runs
Geraniums and Glass
Grace of Years
A Summer Valley

Finally, there is also a fully transcribed page dedicated to the article

09-20-2018NEW PAGE

Unfinished: Stetson Farm

In an oversight, we missed the inclusion of this wonderful unfinished chalk drawing found with 11 others in an old shipping crate in an attic. This drawing, mostly in preliminary sketch form, lays out the entire West Hawley (MA) farm including the barn featured in both:

Farmland Ledge
The Sliver Barn

We have also added a graphic to these pages illustrating the area.


House & Garden, June, 1937

Our full scan of this article features the interior design of famous couple George Burns & Gracie Allen's home after close RSW friend Harold Grieve completed the work. Also featured in the article, hanging over the fireplace is RSW's Dooryard Elm which was purchased by the couple.

08-25-2018NEW INFO

Bernard H. Hyman,
Virginia Dwyer-Gorman
and the painting

Reason #2 why we do this... A man watches a movie on TMC, notices the producer's name and believes he knows relatives of said producer, goes to Google to look the producer up, and FINDS us! He writes us to tell us what he knows and may have solved a missing link regarding the provenance of a painting. It makes it ALL worthwhile!

08-25-2018NEW ARTWORK

Westlake Park, Los Angeles

Located for sale on eBay, this unsigned painting is attributed to RSW. Attached to the back in RSW's handwriting is the location, Westlake Park and date, 1910. Read our research into the park and the possibility this was painted the year he left LA for Boston...

08-23-2018NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: A Farm in Winter

This previously unknown, signed and dated painting came to us by its current owner contacting us. It is one of RSW's earliest paintings as a professional, and he signed it "R Woodward 1918." We couldn't be more pleased to welcome it home!


The Helen Patch Letters

In one of our MORE remarkable discoveries, we recently have learned of RSW friend Helen Patch who when asked by the Deerfield Academy's 1969-70 American Studies Group to offer any recollections of Woodward. She related some gems as well as provided insightful assessments of the artist.


S. Morton Vose Letter

Asked by the Deerfield Academy's 1969-70 American Studies Group to offer any recollections of Woodward. Mr. Vose, RSW's Boston art broker gave two wonderful stories he heard from RSW. One is hysterically funny and classic RSW, the other shows how private the artist was as well...

08-18-2018NEW PICS

Geraniums and Glass

A black-and-white of the original sepia taken by Ashworth was found at the Buckland Historical Society and far better than anything the website had, and so we made a copy to add to the website.

08-15-2018NEW PICS

In the Spring

On a visit by good friend F. Earl Williams in 1945, Williams brought along with him Kodachrome color film, which at the time was less than a decade old and took color pictures of his visit. Included in those pictures is a picture of this painting along side the subject of the painting, the east window.

08-14-2018NEW INFO

New England Essence

New information found on this painting's buyer, Dr. Amey Chappell a prominent physician, and recipient of the 1967 Elizabeth Blackwell Medal given by the American Medical Women's Association, its highest honor, qualifies her as though not "famous, famous" famous enough for us to recognize her!

08-11-2018NEW INFO

From a Summer Yard

It started as a simple email inquiry from the historical society and led to the discovery of the location of where this chalk drawing was drawn, just off the Four Corners of Buckland where Ashfield, Hawley and Buckland all intersect. See our new graphics illustrating its perspective.

08-08-2018NEW PAGE

American Heritage

Added to the Woodward catalog is this painting named in the "The Helen Patch Letters" by Mrs. Patch. The painting was also loaned to the Deerfield Academy's 1970 Hilson Gallery exhibition honoring RSW but inexplicably was left off their list.

06-18-2018NEW PICS

April Sugaring

After all these years of trying we finally have an original image of this beautiful 'sugaring' painting. Up until now we had previously used scaned images of the painting taken from print material for which it was published.

06-16-2018NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Autumn Beech

Wow, what a find! This wonderful painting of the Beech Tree in Heath is unnamed and unsigned. It is of the the tree in baring its fall foliage colors. It is in great condition.

06-15-2018NEW PICS

Aged Roofs

The image of this painting was discovered in a collection of KodaChome slides taken by RSW friend and amatuer photographer, Mr. F. Earl Williams himself and given to the Smithsonian Institute under his name as part of RSW's collection.

06-14-2018NEW PICS

Rushing Brook

We have had a pretty good picture of this painting for some time now but we always look to get the best possible picture of a painting and we succeeded with the lastest pic of this painting.

06-11-2018NEW PICS

Geranium and the Mountain

Window Paintings are always difficult to photograph. Often the brown color of the wood paneling around the windows produces a glare that is hard to avoid, but we magange to in this new pic of this gorgeous painting.

06-10-2018NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: The Awaiting Maple

The image of this painting was discovered in a collection of KodaChome slides taken by RSW friend and amatuer photographer, Mr. F. Earl Williams. We could not match it to any known paintings and it appears unsigned as well.

06-09-2018NEW PICS

Apples and Silk

This has always been a difficult painting to photograph. RSW's use of light in the silk backdrop often produces an ambient glare when introduced to bright light needed to photograph... but we are getting closer to its natural look with this latest attempt.

06-08-2018NEW PICS

Portrait of a Shadow

FINALLY! We have been hoping to get some color image of this painting, a fav of RSW's, for some time. The image of this painting was discovered in a collection of KodaChome slides taken by RSW friend and amatuer photographer, Mr. F. Earl Williams.

06-07-2018NEW PICS

Evening Moon

It is so difficult to capture how striking some of RSW's work can be. Nothing can substitute seeing it in person and this painting is one of them, but we will keep trying to get the best picture we can until it comes close.

06-07-2018NEW PICS

In Old Boston, Chalk

One of RSW's most unique pieces of work, drawn during his stay in Boston in 1930. Our new pictures of this drawing now includes close up pics of the people on the street and the window planters high above the scene.

05-29-2018NEW ARTWORK

'Cello Song

A truly spectacular work by Woodward. This illumination features a woman playing the cello by an open door and heraldic device containing poetry. Both the artwork and verse done by RSW early in his career as a commercial artist.

05-25-2018NEW ARTWORK

October Parade #1

One of two chalk drawings with the same name, this piece features a stream of autumn red running through a line of trees. It immediately reminds one of a Chinese Parade Dragon of which we believe RSW derived the name.

05-23-2018NEW SKETCH

A Self Portrait

This is an extraordinary find! Woodward was known to have an adversion to doing portraits because he did not feel confident enough to paint them to his satisfaction. To learn that he had done a self-portrait when he was 13 years old simply shocked us.

05-22-2018NEW ARTWORK

Heath Pasture, Early May

A rare upright chalk drawing, this piece features a stunning sky above the Heath Pasture and Beech Tree in May. While May was a frequent subject of RSW's Beech Tree, this drawing is from an unusal perspective, not from the front of his studio but rather to the left of it.

05-18-2018NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Many Horizons

A really unique painting. An early, impasti-styled and impressionistic sunset featuring a sun, with astomospheric purplish-pink skies, and as many as 9 distinct horizons! Woodward signed it but a name could not be found. This is really a rare treat given RSW preferred the skies of the north and south.

05-17-2018NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Hill Sentry

Reminicent of RSW's Beech Tree, this piece has a tall elm standing alone overlooking a valley of hills. It is unnamed, unsigned and feels incomplete or unfinished but we are glad to add it to our catalogue. Even unfinished, it is wonderfully Woodward's distinct perspective.


Unnamed: Old Boston, Chalk

We recently added a new page for the original chalk drawing RSW mentions in his painting diary from which he made both In Old Boston and The Oyster House: Boston Romance. He never names the chalk in his comments.


Auction Page &
Through The Hills in May

Both of these pages have been revised as the result of the new information found in Unnamed: Across the Valley.

05-12-2018NEW PICS

Unnamed: Across the Valley

This painting recently came up for auction at Skinner Inc. and sold for $4,000. It is an early impressionistic piece of an ancient apple tree in bloom with hills in the distance but what is more remarkable was the sketch of what appears to be a version of Through The Hills in May

05-10-2018NEW PICS

Mount Haystack Over Sadawga

We have new hi-res images of this beautiful chalk drawing. We were also able to pinpoint a location from where we believe RSW drew it, with topographical maps.

05-08-2018NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Winter Woods

A new signed but unnamed Quintessential Redgate painting featuring an atmospheric deep wood moonlit blue hazed brook and signed using a red "W" instead of RSW's trademark "S".

05-07-2018NEW PICS

Between Setting Sun and Rising Moon

Going through a pile of loose documents, we came across a good-conditioned leaflet with an image of this painting on it and though still not great was better than the picture we have been using.

05-06-2018NEW PICS

The River Curve

We had the opportunity to take new pictures of this terrific painting of the Connecticut River from Putney, Vermont. We revised the page to include a Google Earth screen capture of the river curve today.


Unnamed: From My Winter Shelf

It was recently discovered that a painting illustrated in an issue of McCall's Magazine (Dec. 1927) is this unnamed and unsigned painting found in 2017. The illustration was incorrectly attributed to the wife of RSW close friend and confidant Dr. Lawrence Lunt suggesting that the Lunt's may have been in possession of the painting at the time.


Unnamed Gallery

The Unnamed Gallery has been completely revamped. No longer will we assign numbers to them. Instead, we have given them adopted temporary names using "Unnamed" as a prefix.

04-28-2018NEW FIND

The Hill Road

In an old archive we recently found a glossy black and white picture of a never before seen painting by the name "The" Hill Road. There is no relation to another painting by the same name so that painting will now be known as "A" Hill Road.

04-27-2018NEW NOTES

A Hill Road

Speaking of "A" Hill Road... when making the necessary revisions to the page noting "The" Hill Road, we realized that we can mark the spot where it was painted. Check out the Google Earth screen captures to see it has hardly changed in 70 years.

04-26-2018NEW PICS

August Horizon

Also found along with The Hill Road picture was a better, more detailed photograph of August Horizon! What is particularly spectacular is the magnificent sky painted by Woodward. We cannot wait for the day we get hold of a color image of this painting to see what colors he used.

04-25-2018NEW NOTES

Summer Valley

One of the newer features we have been adding to the artwork pages are topographical map graphics giving approximate vantage points of where RSW may have painted a particular painting. Well with Summer Valley we go a step further adding graphic AND a 1907 picture facing his location.


Awards & Recognitions

This page was corrected. A mix up between awards given by the Concord Art Association in 1920 and 1927 has been corrected. Wood Interior won "First Prize" in 1920 and April at Keach`s Farm won an honorable mention in 1927.

03-06-2018NEW PICS

Down From Heath

As always we do our best to provide the best image available of RSW's artwork. Though still not ideal, the latest pics of this painting is the best available and now includes a hi-res image.

02-27-2018NEW PICS

From a May Pasture

As always we do our best to provide the best image available of RSW's artwork and this beautiful painting of the pasture behind the Keach Farm's twin barns is outstanding.

02-23-2018NEW FIND

Unnamed: Keach's Drama

Reminicant of New England Drama painted some 10 years after this recently discovered painting of the whole Keach Farm seemingly hanging from a hillside. It is the only example we have of the farm in its entirety.

02-18-2018NEW FIND

Unnamed: New England Memories

Another unique recently discovered painting of the Nilman House from a perspective unlike any other of the Nilman paintings. It shows the front of the house from what we believe is the shed.

02-17-2018NEW PICS

Through Winter Pines

The current owner of this painting recently contacted the website and provided access for us to photograph and we couldn't be more grateful and appreciative. Enjoy this wonderfully atmospheric painting painted from his sled.


Through Winter Woods

In light of what we have learned about Through Winter Pines we have revised this page to correlate with the most recent discoveries.

02-13-2018NEW PAINTING

Unnamed: Into the Woods

A friend of the website and Woodward owner notified us that this painting was up for sale and sold at auction in New Jersey by Nye & Co. Auctioneers. It is a previously unknown painting, clearly signed by RSW, however, the auctioneers failed to list its name, if it has one.


Auction Page

As a result of the sale of Unnamed: Into the Woods, we have updated the Auction Page to reflect the sale and its date and price ($7,500)


Exhibition Page

Going through a pile of loose pages and documents we located 5 previously unknown exhibitions for which RSW displayed his work particularly in Los Angeles, CA and Charolette, NC. Those exhibitions have been added to the Exhibition Page


Famous Owners Gallery

As we continue to sort through the provenance of RSW's paintings, his notes and papers, looking up various names and what have you... we continue to discover new owners of note. This Gallery has been updated to reflect the addition of 4 new occupants.

02-05-2018NEW PAGE

Comedian & Entertainer
Jack Benny

We have ALWAYS known that RSW painted for and sold a painting to Benny in 1939 for his brand new home in Beverly Hills. The deal was brokered through close RSW friend, former Hollywood set designer turned interior designer Harold Grieve.

02-03-2018NEW PAGE

George Dupont Pratt

Mr. Pratt bought New England Winter from an exhibition at the Deerfield Academy in June of 1932. A graduate of Amherst where he was a celebrated athlete, he went on to be part of the founding of the Amercian Boy Scouts of America among many other things...

01-31-2018NEW PAGE

Virginia Dwyer Gorman

A soap opera actress, she was best known for her role as matriarch Mary Matthews on Another World, a role she played from the series premiere in 1964 until her departure in 1975. In 1991, she donated her painting Contentment to the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts.

01-28-2018NEW PAGE

Movie Producer
Bernard H. Hyman

In a 16 year career, Hyman produced as many as 25 films working with the likes of Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, etc... and was part of bringing the original Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan to audiences in 1932 followed by two more in 1936 and 1939.


Southwick Studio
Then & Now

The second page of our comprehensive look at the Southwick Place from RSW's time to today. This page focuses solely on the studio itself and features an excerpt from an article published in American Artist Magazine by Ernest W. Watson and his visit to the studio just 10 months before RSW's death.

12-05-2017NEW PICS

The Green Bottle and the Barn

New pictures of this wonderful painting have now been uploaded! Be sure to check out the large hi-res image, it is stunning!


New England Drama

We climbed a steep hill to capture this remarkable New England house and farm today from a vantage point close to the original painting.

12-03-2017NEW PAGE

Colton's Radiogram

In 1934 Woodward friend and head of the Colton Elastic Web Company Clifford Richmond sponsored a monthly radio program. Just after RSW's Hiram Woodward fire Richmond used his program to tell the tail of RSW's perseverance.

12-02-2017NEW PAGE

RSW's Style: by Henry Haff

In 1970, the Deerfield Academy's American Studies Group published an illustrated catalogue featuring RSW, his life and work. In the catalogue, Deerfield student, Henry Haff, '71, wrote a compelling essay on RSW's style worthy of its own page. ENJOY!


Across the Winter River

It was recently discovered that this piece was left out of the new Purinton Hill Gallery. Furthermore, we were able to locate the approximate spot where RSW painted it and added to the page a topographic map pointing it out.

11-28-2017NEW PICS

A Quiet Village

We already had pretty good pictures of this wonderful chalk but when we had the opportunity to get a better picture, we do it. This drawing is quite remarkable. It is an excellent example of RSW's unique style. It also contains the MOST number of items favored by him and is included 5 theme galleries on the website.

11-26-2017NEW PICS

From a Mountain Farm

The Smithsonian Museum has recently revamped its entire website! And with that, they have updated the quality of their images which includes this sepia image of the painting.

11-24-2017NEW CHALK

Haystack From Wilmington

This chalk was recently located and is privately owned. We are hoping for better pictures, but for the time being we are thrilled to it return to the fold! There was a recently discovered Unfinished chalk of Haystack Mountain in Vermont but this piece is the only known completed one.

11-22-2017NEW CHALK

Along the Shaded Road

Recently located is this wonderful chalk which happens to look a lot like the road from which another Unfinished oil was done. The owner believes it is of Oxbow Road in Heath (MA) but if east or west is not known. None the less, it is terrific!

11-03-2017    FOUND: 17 Unfinished works of art in an old shipping crate , in an attic.


Unfinished Chalks & Oils

We added the Unfinished artwork to the bottom of Unnamed Gallery because technically, they are unnamed. It is unclear to us as to why RSW did not compete these pieces, whether it was time or dissatisfaction with the composition.


Unfinished #1

First Church of Deerfield

Unfinished #2

First Church of Deerfield, Profile

Unfinished #3

The Modest Church

Unfinished #4

Beech Tree

Unfinished #5

Tree and Stone Wall

ROWS 2 & 3

Unfinished #6

A Country Path

Unfinished #7

South Over the Valley

Unfinished #8

Halifax House Elm

Unfinished #9

House in Halifax

Unfinished #10

The Little Window

Unfinished #11

Mount Equinox



6 of the "Unfinished" pieces were nothing more than a sketch with just a hint or touch of chalk and as such we felt it best to include those pieces in the Sketchbook. To the right are the items. If the work is related to a known piece it was named as such and the two pieces were unique and give a number.


Unfinished Chalk


Unfinished Chalk

Halifax House

Unfinished Chalk

Little Sugar House

Unfinished Chalk

Under Purinton Hill

Sketchbook #64

The Little Window

Sketchbook #65

Mount Equinox

11-02-2017NEW IMAGES

Burnham Cottage

New images of the painting of the cottage RSW once lived early in his career.

11-01-2017NEW IMAGES

After Early Frost

We traveled to New Hampshire and the Franklin Public Library is get this beautiful painting picture! Cudos the the library for their wonderful collection of paintings.

10-31-2017NEW IMAGES

Just After Haying Time

We traveled to New Hampshire and the Franklin Public Library is get this beautiful painting picture! Cudos the the library for their wonderful collection of paintings.

10-29-2017NEW IMAGE

Winter Slope

The owner of this wonderful painting came to us to share it in person. We couldn't be MORE grateful for their generousity.


The Tale of Two Winters

Along with the newly aquired Winter Slope this page has been updated with new images.

10-27-2017NEW PROFILE

Walter & Belle Smith

The Smiths may just be one of the most important people regarding Woodward's success as an artist. Famous collectors, they are known for giving their entire collection to the Springfield Library Association to start a museum. Mr. Smith would buy 4 of RSW's early paintings, the first museum to do so...

10-25-2017NEW PROFILE

Mrs. Pauline Everett

Equally important to RSW's career and legacy was Mrs. Everett who gave here entire collection of artwork to museums all across the country, including 8 Woodwards. Not much is know about her but we were able to scrounge up some stuff and learned RSW may have made a rare trip to NYC to meet her.

10-23-2017NEW ARCHIVE

1925 Fundraiser

This was a shocking discovery. In 1925, RSW friend, Dr. Lawrence Lunt sent a fundraising letter to Mrs. Belle Townsley Smith appealing for her to contribute funds to aid RSW who at the time... still feeling the effects of his disasterous Redgate fire in 1922 was not making his bills!

10-22-2017NEW ARCHIVE

Contentment Gift

In 1991, former soap actress, Virginia Dwyer Gorman, sought to give as a gift her Woodward painting Contentment to the Springfiled Museum of Fine Art along with her sister Jenny Lou.

10-21-2017NEW GALLERY

Archives & Letters

Over the years of gathering information and reference material we have accumilated a number of letters and documents pertaining to RSW. We felt it was time to start a new gallery devoted solely to the papers.

09-12-2017NEW PAINTING

Unnamed: Out of the Past

New pictures of a yet unnamed painting of the "Little Brown House" in Deerfield with the large elm in front.


New England Castle

This piece was just added to our Complete Works List. It is mentioned in RSW's diary comments for Farmer's Castle and was not added to our list until now.


1918 National Academy of Design

It was recently discovered that RSW sent Golden Barn to be exhibited at the academy's annual show and passed the jury and did hang there.


Farmer's Castle

During a recent visit to the Field Public Library's (Conway, MA) exhibit of artist Lester Stevens work for Conway's 250th Anniversary celebration we saw two paintings Stevens did of the very same farm from a different perspective. Visit the page to see!

09-08-2017NEW PAGES

Illustrated Catalogue of Robert Strong Woodward

In 1970, the American Studies Group of the Deerfield Academy published what they called an Illustrated Catalogue profiling RSW and his work. It is an impressive piece of work by the young men involved.

07-30-2017NEW IMAGE

Under the Winter Moon

New image of Under the Winter Moon which is part of the George Walter Vincent Smtih Collection of the Springfield Museum system.


Letters & documents:
Under the Winter Moon

From the archives of the Springfield Museum are letters and documents related to Under the Winter Moon. Especially interesting is Woodward's letters to J.H. Miller and G.W.V. Smith regarding the offer by Smith to purchase the painting.

07-22-2017NEW PAINTING

Unnamed: From My Winter Shelf

Previously unknown painting discovered. This unsigned and unnamed piece is near identical and related to My Winter Shelf, however, with a couple of distinct differences.

07-20-2017NEW IMAGE

New England Valley

As always, the website does all it can to provide you the best and clearest pictures of Woodward's artwork. Here is the most up-to-date and best image yet of New England Valley

07-18-2017NEW IMAGE


Recently contacted by its current owner, who also provided the new image, this painting is related to Tangled Branches, only it is a full day time scene.

03-13-2017NEW IMAGE

New England Valley

We just got our hands on these new high-resolution images of this early work of Woodward's just in time to be added to two of our new theme galleries (IN BLOOM and FENCES, GATES & DOORS) Painted in 1919 of mountain laurel blooms on a sloping hillside above the Deerfield River.


New Theme Galleries

It has been a long time coming... we have revised the Theme gallery page by adding 9 new theme galleries!


03-11-2017NEW GALLERY!

Chalks & Crayons

Finally we have compiled a gallery of ALL the Chalk Drawings (Crayons & Charcoals) for those fans this art form. Woodward's drawing paintings are unique, in that, work in popular pastels is rare in the art world other than well known artist Georgia O'Keefe and just a handful of others.

03-11-2017NEW GALLERY!

Burning Autumn

What is a New England artist without spectacular autumn scenes? Here we compiled all of RSW's fall foliage paintings we have images for, including anything that show the beginning of fall.

03-11-2017NEW GALLERY!

Fences, Gates & Doors

While compiling the other list... the website staff began to notice a pattern. One, there were far more fences in paintings than we anticipated. Two, a lot of fences also featured interesting barn doors and/ or openings and finally... RSW did feature 'doors' in numerous paintings.

03-10-2017NEW GALLERY!

In Bloom

The beauty of nature is that things 'bloom' at different times throughout the spring and fall so rather than simply compile 'spring paintings' we pulled together every painting where we cound find something blooming.

03-10-2017NEW GALLERY!

Purinton Hill

One of the most iconic hills in all of Buckland, MA was the subject in numerous of paintings by Woodward but also made its way into others as a distant backdrop.

03-09-2017NEW GALLERY!

Quintessential Redgate

Woodward's early success as a professional landscape painter are found in these 'atmospheric' woods and wetlands pieces painted from his first studio's back window.

03-09-2017NEW GALLERY!

Rocks & Stone Walls

What says "New England," besides fall foliage, more than stone walls and rock ledges? Here is a gallery compiled of all known paintings that contained or featured rocks and stone walls.

03-08-2017NEW GALLERY!

Snow On The Ground

The premise of this gallery, rather than simply featuring the 'winter' months, was to include any work of art that has snow on the ground whether it be late fall or early spring!

02-27-2017NEW GALLERY!

Stunning Skies

Big skies are a common theme in many landscape paintings and RSW was no exception. This gallery includes paintings by Woodward that featured the sky or used the sky to frame the landscape he painted.


Churches & Cemetery

There was one painting Woodward featured a cemetery and it sat alone in its own gallery. We have now merged that piece with the churches and included ALL pieces that show a church, even if it's just a steeple.


Scrapbook Gallery

We have reorganized our Scrapbook Gallery into 3 sections improving the viewer's experience in locating topics of interest. The sections are as follows- Stories & Essays, List & Archives and Tributes. Enjoy!

02-23-2017NEW IMAGE

West Glow

For the longest time, an unnamed and unsigned painting of a vibrant sunset was assumed to most likely be West Glow, until now... Signed and named, along with a label from the Salmagundi Club guarentees this new image is the real deal.

02-22-2017NEW SKETCH

Sketch #63

This recently located sketch of the back porch, facing east, between the Southwick house and studio and its view of the valley and hill has been now added to the Sketchbook Gallery along with an old photo taken from almost the same perspective.

02-21-2017NEW STORY

Tale of Two Winters

This story is an attempt to show how difficult sorting out RSW's paintings of similar scenes and repeated use of similar names can cause fits for the website staff especially when Woodward stays consisted in name and content of one scene but not the other.

02-20-2017NEW PAGE

Gothic Revival

This page is an added bonus to those interested in the Southwick Place and classic home styles. Southwick holds true to the Gothic Revival style in the subdued and modest New England way. Built in 1850, it is one of the first Gothic Revival homes in area.

01-24-2017NEW ARTWORK

Maple Sugaring

This recently discovered painting (January 2017) of the Keach Farm sugar house is similar to but different, in both size and aspect ratio, from, Steaming Sugar House.

01-23-2017NEW PAGE

Public Institutions

A revised list of Woodward's artwork held by public institutions (museums, libraries & colleges). Not all of them are available to the public, however, the list does note if it is available.

01-22-2017NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: From Under the Studio Tree

This newly found painting painted from the tree in front of RSW's small studio, affectionately called The Little Shop, of the farm across the road with Purinton Hill in the distance. A really unique piece in both color and tone.

01-21-2017NEW IMAGE

The Tranquil Hour

This quintessential Redgate painting has a new high resolution image.

01-20-2017NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Above the Winter Hills

This gorgeous painting of the 'Buckland Hills' from Burrington Hill in Heath, MA is worth a look. See the featured topographical map of Woodward's vantage point.

01-19-2017NEW INFO

Rushing Brook

This page has been revised when it was discovered that Woodward may have posed for a picture in 1922 in front of the painting he may have possibly painted Rushing Brook in 1942. The photo is of poor quality but the features appear to line up.

01-18-2017PAGE REVISED

The Brook

Up until recently, it was believed that a painting Woodward posed for a picture in front of in 1922 was The Brook. However, in a handwritten note RSW specifically states that The Brook was painted in the "Clock Hollow' section of Buckland not matching the Diary Comments of Rushing Brook.

01-17-2017NEW ARTWORK

Tranquil Hour

Wow, when it rains it pours! This newly located painting is related to The Tranquil Hour and Evening Tranquil Hour. It is the same wintry pond with more of the trees surrounding it but in an upright/portrait version.

12-21-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Enduring Farm

A beautiful painting of a small New England farm surrounded by wooded hills of late summer, early fall. It features a man plowing a field with his horses.

12-21-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Winters Mist

This recently discovered painting was found for sale on eBay and sold for $4,350. It is a signed but unnamed version similar of Winter Mist.

12-19-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: From a Pasture Ledge

A Beech Tree painting from the Heath pasture. It is unique in the sense that it from a vantage point not seen in any other Beech Tree painting.

12-18-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Stonewall Along a Hill Pasture

A pasture painting of two hills meeting and divided by a stone wall and featuring a large tree in late autumn from early in RSW's career.

12-15-2016NEW IMAGE

Out of the Past

It is still a black and white but much clearer and better resolution of Out of the Past.

12-14-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Woodland Edge

This beautiful, signed, painting of birches framing an opening into the woods behind it is believed to be Woodland Edge. However, we were unable to comfirm due to a protective backer board glued to the back of the frame.

12-14-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Wintry Hills

A chalk drawing of the Heath pasture sans the beech tree. It features a distant "sea of hills."

12-12-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Winter From the Studio Door

A 36 x 42, signed but unnamed version of Woodward's "Winter From the Studio" series of paintings.

12-12-2016NEW SCRAP-

Tale of Two Winters

A story about the difficulty in making a record of Woodward's art catalog using two winter paintings that have multilpe versions, names and cross paths with each other several times over a five year period.

12-10-2016REVISED PAGE

Joseph Goss Cowell

New information discovered on RSW's very close childhood friend and respected artist in his own right, Joseph Cowell. Cowell is best known to us as the friend who helped RSW attend the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School in 1910.

12-07-2016NEW PICTURE

Evening Mists

New pictures of this painting made available by its current owner. This artwork is one of only two known "Redgate" styled paintings Woodward repainted in the mid-1940's.


Christ Church Limestone sketch

Recently located this sketch of the Christ Church Limestone in Hanna City, IL just west of Peoria and drawn by Woodward while a student attending Bradley Polytechnic Institute sometime between 1902 and 1907.

12-01-2016NEW INFO!

Leonard Eager Curtis Bookplate

Always considered "odd" by the website staff for the power lines drawn in this nature scene by Woodward for this bookplate. We have recently learned that Leonard Curtis was a pioneer in the earliest days of bringing electric power into your home. Read his story!

12-01-2016NEW INFO!

Ashleigh Bookplate

The Ashleigh Bookplate was made for one of the country's richest men, marketing genius, Norman Bruce Ream. Read more...

12-01-2016NEW PAGE

To Tell My Mother I Love Her

This illumination made by Woodward for his mother was made around 1906-07 when he was 21 years old. It was found in the RSW Smithsonian collection of personal photos and papers.


Original High Resolution Sepias Recovered

The website has been able to recover most all of the original images of sepias prints thought to be lost forever.

We have currently added nearly 100 new hi-res images of these recovered prints sprinkled throughout the Artwork Galleries having the greatest impact on the Window Picture Gallery with 17 new images!

07-21-2016IMAGE FOUND

Late Autumn

We did not have an photograph for the painting Late Autumn until recently when it's current owner contacted us and sent us terrific pics.

Check out this beautiful painting of foliage in New England.

07-21-2016NEW NAME

Apple Blossom Time, Original

We have recently learned the name of a painting we were calling The Greening Tree, 16's real name is Apple Blossom Time

There's MORE, we have learned that there are 4 versions of the painitng all purchased by a group of sisters.

07-21-2016NEW ARTWORK

Apple Blossom Time, Shirley

This painting was discovered when we learned of the name for the painting we were calling The Greening Tree, 16's real name. There are 4 versions of the painitng all purchased by a group of sisters and this one is sister Shirley.

06-30-2016NEW ARTWORK

Spring on the Hill

Previously unknown artwork titled Spring on the Hill was recently brought to our attention by it's current owner. Check out this beautiful painting of the Beech Tree in Heath.

06-30-2016NEW IMAGE

June Sun

We are excited to add new pictures of this remarkable window paintings from Woodward's Southwick's south windows. It's unusual size (24 x36) for RSW makes this very unique piece more panaoramic.

06-30-2016NEW IMAGE

The Flying Fox

We are thrilled to have gorgeous new pictures of one of Woodward's "favorite barn canvases." The Flying Fox was also one of 26 other pieces to be exhibited at RSW's first BIG one-man-show in Boston (1926).

04-22-2016NEW ARTWORK

Unnamed: Through Two Trees

Found in Omaha, NE, this unnamed watercolor could possibly have been painted by Woodward in his adolescence while attending the Bradley Institute in Peoria, IL. We explore the pros and cons...



This update is not longer vlaid due to an overhaul of the Unnamed Gallery completed in April of 2018.

04-22-2016NEW SKETCHES

The Sketchbook Gallery

Previously unavailable to get a suitable scan due to the lightness which RSW sketched them, we have added to new sketches to the sketch book. Sketch#60 is of the 'book corner' from the Little Shop studio and Sketch#61 is a none descript tree lined pasture.

04-22-2016FAMOUS OWNER

Joseph Holland

With the discovery of October Gold and Winter Design recently, we also learn that they were once owned by famous stage actor Joseph Holland. He was once famously stabbed (for real) on stage by Orson Wells. Click link to learn more...

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

When Apples Are Ripe

The website staff never misses an opportunity to try and improve the viewer's experience with better, more detailed pictures. This artwork and the following 5 others in the next row are all currently being exhibited at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston.

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

Under the Hill

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

A Country Interior

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

Spring Window

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

Spring Drifts

04-22-2016NEW IMAGE

Pasture Ferns

04-14-2016NEW ARTWORK

October Gold

The artwork October Gold was believed to have been found in 2009 when it went up for auction in Mystic, CT. We discovered we were wrong when the real owners contacted the website in 2015.

04-14-2016NEW NAME

An October Gold

The artwork An October Gold was once believed to be October Gold despite it not matching it's reported size. It was not until the current owners of October Gold contacted us that we realized there are TWO golds.

04-14-2016NEW NAME

Winter Design

An added treat of the October Gold discovery was that this previously unnamed piece came with the package. Once believed to be just a sketch turns out to be a unique and rare Woodward.

04-14-2016NEW ARTICLE

Boston Globe,
March 3, 1930

This article features October Gold's appearance at the "Boston Art Week" Exhibition held at Jordan Marsh in 1930, Boston, MA.

04-14-2016NEW ARTICLE

Boston Herald,
June 29, 1930

October Gold as the featured artwork of the Herald's Rotogravure Section.

03-03-2016NEW IMAGE


The artwork Landscape is used as a feature image in the same newspaper issue as the previous article but in different paper like that often used for 'inserts.' This provided us with the best image of this piece to date.

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

New Your Times Magazine,
March 30, 1919

"Prize Winners at the Academy: Art at Home and Abroad"

A summary of prize winners from the National Academy of Design's annual exhibition, 1919.

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

Boston Evening Transcript, December 8, 1926

The artwork Landscape is used as a feature image in the same newspaper issue as the previous article but in different paper like that often used for 'inserts.'

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

Boston Evening Transcript, by "H.P;" December 8, 1926

"New England Scenes,"

The announcement and review of Woodward's One-Man Exhibition at the Lyman Residence.

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

Springfield Union, November 12, 1927

"Painting Exhibit To Open Tonight," - Announcement of the opening of Springfield Art League's ninth special exhibition of oil paints. The article also list the show's prize winners

03-03-2016NEW ARTICLE

Springfield Union, Date Unknown

"Untitled Review Clipping," - A glowing critique and review of Woodward's prize winning oil landscape, When Drifts Melt Fast.

02-18-2016NEW ARTICLE

Springfield Union,
January 6, 1928

"New Paintings on Exhibit by Picture Club" - An announcement and brief summary review of the Springfield Art League's 'Circulating Picture Club' exhibit.


One-man Show at J.H. Miller Galleries, Springfield, MA, April 1928

Woodward's One-Man Show at J.H. Miller Galleries, Springfield, MA, April 1928 is now ready for viewing!

This show exhibited 37 total pieces of work, 25 oil paintings and 12 chalks.

01-14-2016NEW IMAGE

Busy Sugaring

New hi-res picture received and added to page!


"Through Summer Hills,

Correction and clarifications made to the artwork page relating to the original painting which exhibited three times in the 1920's.


"Through Summer Hills,

Correction and clarifications made to the artwork page relating to the original painting which exhibited three times in the 1920's.


"Through Summer Hills,"

Correction and clarifications made to the Scrapbook story relating to the original painting which exhibited three times in the 1920's.

02-18-2016NEW ARTICLE

Springfield Republican, April, 1922

"Untitled Blurb" - A simple blurb announcing the awards and honors of local artist Robert Strong Woodward and his friend and colleague Gardner Symons.

02-16-2016NEW ARTICLE

Springfield Union, 1926

"One-Man Art Show Attracts Attention to Robert Woodward"

02-05-2016NEW ARTICLE

Springfield Republican, April 1928, by Jeanette Matthews

Jeanette Matthews, a renown Springfield art critic, writes a review and critique of Woodward's "One-man Show" at J.H. Miller Galleries, in Springfield, MA. Woodward notes, in his own hand, "a good article,' written on the clipping.


"Woodward Canvases on Exhibit Here," Unknown
"Littlecote Gallery's Annual Spring Exhibition" Utica, NY

New article and exhibition pages added to the "Articles List" and "Exhibition List" relating to artwork exhibited at the Littlecote Gallery's Annual Spring Exhibition in Utica, NY, March 14, 1929

11-17-2015NEW ARTICLES

"Art and Artists," Peoria Star, April 20
"Untitled" Peoria Journal Transcript, April 27
"Echos of the Past," Peoria Star, April 27

New article pages added to the "Articles List"


"An Artist of His Time"

The full video of a lecture given by Peter Trippi, Editor and Chief of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine regarding Woodward.

11-10-2015NEW PICS

A Clear September Day

New hi-res pictures taken and added to page!

10-16-2015NEW PAGE

Burnham Cottage

Newly discovered painting located. New page added with picture.

09-20-2015NEW PAGE

Pasture Ferns

New chalk drawing discovery recently up for auction!

For more Auction info Click Here.

09-11-2015NEW PAGE

The Greening Tree,

There's another? Previously unknown piece comes up for auction! New page created with features the compare the two pieces of art.

For more Auction info Click Here.

09-08-2015NEW PAGE

Monadnock From Frost's Hill

New chalk drawing discovery! New page and pictures added.

08-22-2015NEW LIST

Exhibitions List

Newly formatted "Exhibitions" list provides improved viewing and navigation. More improvements, such as, links to exhibit pages are to follow.

08-18-2015NEW LIST

Auctions List

Newly created "Auctions" list provides information of all known Woodwards that have come up for auction.

08-15-2015NEW PAGE

Aeolus: Home of the Wind, 1929

Sorting and organizing all the articles and clipping regarding Woodward, the staff discovers there are two of these chalks. The 1929 chalk was exhibited at the Pynchon Galleries. See the clipping by clicking the link.

06-24-2015NEW PAGE

Snow From the North

Thanks to the article in "Fine Art Connoisseur" (Feb. 2013) this painting was found hanging in the Duquesne Club of Pittburgh, PA.

05-05-2015NEW STORY


An essay discussing clouds in Robert Strong Woodward paintings added to the Scrapbook.

10-02-2014NEW PAGE

Abandoned Heights

This chalk drawing was unknown until it was discovered in a western Massachusetts home.

04-02-2014NEW STORY


A discussion about Robert Strong Woodward's use of apples in his paintings.

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